Hair-Root shampoo

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MRP: 408.00
DSP: 345.00
PV: 1.75

Hair Root Shampoo + Conditioner – 300ml

Cleans & Cares, Dry & Damage Repair


• Hair- Root Shampoo - Moisturized scalp promotes hair growth, reduce dryness of Scalp, reduce roughness of the hair with conditioner gives you healthy looking and strong hair against breakage and makes your hair more beautiful


• Repairs Damage~ due to heat and chemical treatment from the very 1st wash

• Reduces hair fall

• Formulated with paraben free Herbal ingredients

• Leaves you with soft, smooth and lustrous hair

• Nourishes hair from roots, leaving hair visibly beautiful and strong

• Contains No Paraben

• Free from Harmful Chemicals

• Suitable for All Hair Types

• Suitable for Whole Family