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Affidavit of _______________________________ (Logid/User id _________________________________) Age.....Years   S/d/o_____________________________________ R/o___________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

I do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:

I have understood the contents of the caution, disclaimer, direct seller agreement, legal document, policies & modalities issued by the company as appearing on its website i.e. www.rootpure.com which are as follows:

The Direct seller shall undertake to comply the guidelines issued vide F. No. 21/18/2014-IT (Vol- II ) dated 9th September, 2016 by Department of Consumer Affairs (Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, GOI) as DIRECT SELLING GUIDELINES, 2016.

CAUTION: Any person who is desirous of becoming a Direct Seller, does so, on his own volition, without any pressure, duress or undue influence, electing, to promote and promulgate the sales of the products offered by the company, fully understanding that it is an effort-based venture, and only continuous augment of product sales and successful marketing of the products offered by the company, would fetch commission/remuneration, there being no automatic rewards-scheme or investment plan.

The payment of the product shall be payable to the company and be sent directly to the company. The company shall not be liable for any payments made to any person, other than the company. Entitlement of the direct seller for commission / remuneration shall only be based upon his / her sale of the products of the company and not by any other manner, whatsoever.

DISCLAIMER: The Company shall not be responsible for any act, omission or false representation made by the Direct Seller, which is inconsistent or contrary to the terms or conditions of the direct seller agreement and in case of any false representation / omission / fraudulent act made by the direct seller, the same shall be required immediately to bring within the knowledge of the grievance cell of the company for taking appropriate action against such persons and in case of non-reporting the same to the company, there shall not be any liability being fastened on the company.

1. That I have attained the age of Maturity.

2. That I am making payment of the products as ordered by me with my own consent, freewill and without any inducement or false representation from any direct seller or company itself.

3. That any product purchased by any person without execution of this affidavit shall be deemed without forced against company.

4. That I shall undertake to abide all the terms and condition of the company as stipulated at website i.e www.rootpure.com



Verified at ____________________ on ____________________ that the contents of above affidavit are true and correct to my knowledge and nothing has been suppressed by deponent.